If you are not dating a swimmer
If you are not dating a swimmer , raise your standards! You need better taste!
Don't Stop Swimming
Funny swimming slogan for Masters swimmer who never feel old because they swim!
Eat My Bubbles
Swim team t-shirts that say Eat My Bubbles
Eat My Bubblez
Buy one of these t-shirts with a fierce shark telling the opposing team to Eat My Bubblez.
Eat Sleep Swim
Eat Sleep Swim, great gifts for swimmers that eat,sleep, swim
Eau de Chlorine
T-shirts and gifts that proclaim that chlorine is swimmers perfume.
Evil Mutant Swim Coach
Perfect gift for swim coaches, the evil mutant swim coach!
Fast Girls
Buy one of these for your swim team girls. May they always have good times!
Fast Girls
Great t-shirts & gifts for fast swimmers
Fifty Meters at a Time
Swimmers live their lives fifty meters at a time
Swim with the Sharks
If you can't swim with the sharks, Get OUTA the water. On gifts and t-shirts
Go In Hard
Go In Hard, Come Out Wet. Old swimmer's joke on t-shirts & gifts
Happiness is Swimming fast
A big smiley face with goggles says that Happiness is Swimming fast.
I have no life, my kids swim
I have no life, my kids swim t-shirts & gifts
I Heart Swimming
I Heart Swimming with a big heart. Show your love for swimming with one of these gifts
Instant Messaging
IM does NOT mean instant messaging. Every swimmer knows that!
Life is cool
In the pool, life is cool swimmers rule. Great gifts for swimmers!
Love Swim
Love Swim in big colors on t-shirts & gifts
Now I'm a Master
I used to be faster, now I'm a master. Perfect gifts and t-shirts for Master Swimmers!
SWIM in big colorful letters on t-shirts & gifts
Don't worry Swim Happy
Don't Worry Swim Happy with a goggle wearing smiley face on t-shirts & gifts
Swim Mom
Swim Mom t-shirts & gifts. Buy one to show your Swim Mom your appreciation for her
Swimmers and cheerleaders
Funny t-shirts & gifts for swimmers who mock cheerleaders
Swim Coaches
Great gifts just for Swim coaches that say Thank Goodness for Swim Coaches
Top 10 Swimmers Excuses
Top 10 Swimmers Excuses adorn these t-shirts & gifts